Duncan Regehr

Since his first exhibit in 1974, Duncan Regehr has maintained an astonishing succession of shows. Among his numerous awards are "The American Vision Award for Distinction in the Arts", the lifetime title of "Royal Canadian Artist" and, this year, the honorary degree of "Doctor of Fine Arts" from the University of Victoria.

Regehr's art of the last thirty years has evolved to establish him as a figurative painter of national and international prominence. His work is found in important collections worldwide, including the Smithsonian Institute (USA), the Jilin Collection (China), the Kunsthallen (Copenhagen), Focus on Masters Ventura Archives for the Getty Museum (USA), the Syllavethy Collection of Scotland (GB), and several more.

His auto-monograph, "The Dragon's Eye" received international acclaim and was lauded by art critics and literary reviews for its visual and poetic excellence.

His artwork ranges in style from crisply executed pen and ink drawings to complex imagery rendered in oils with vibrant color that seems to glow with its own luminosity.